Create new habits energy gratitude to cultivate a healthy lifestyle

With yoga, running, and emotional wellness workshops in small groups and one-on-one settings.


Opportunities to become healthier


Stretch out of your comfort zone to explore your body's capabilities


Customized training schedules adapted to your needs and goals

Emotional wellness

Reduce stress to a healthier and improved quality of life


Recurring practices to join

Weekly virtual class

Sundays at 4 PM PST
$15 - drop in | $60 - 5 classes

Yoga for a Cause

Second Tuesday every month at 5:30 PM PST
$12 suggested donation

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Questions and answers

Emotional wellness

According to the National Center for Emotional Wellness, the term refers to an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of your emotions, and your ability to manage effectively through challenges and change.  

Emotional wellness challenges provide practices that  structure and cultivate a deeper awareness and understanding of your emotions, body, and stress levels.  Thus improving your overall quality of life. 

Customizable 3, 5, & 10-day wellness challenges & initiatives centering around a topic developed specifically for the organization. Topics can include gratitude, stress management, goal-setting, reflection, fitness, yoga, rejuvenation, and a design of your own.


Helping individuals find their confidence, self, and state of peace through body movement, community, and self care.

We discuss your goals and expectations. We provide feedback on your process, form, and lifestyle. We use check-ins, schedule adjustments, and encouragement to make sure you enjoy running.


Hatha yoga, a slow flow focusing on breath, technique, and the connection between the mind and body.

  • A yoga mat. If you don’t have a mat, a towel or blanket works.
  • Yoga props including a block, strap or blanket can be used.
  • Laura signs on 10 minutes before class to answer questions or concerns.

A commitment to feeling good

Since 2008, Laura has educated others to improve. Her background in education provides an opportunity to make an impact in your health and well being.