Helping professionals and educators manage stress, relax, and enjoy their lives.


Improve your health and feel good

We offer ways to grow and embody peace through self-care, community, and physical movement.   Providing opportunities to create healthy habits into your daily life.
We work with both groups and individuals, committed to creating healthy, mindful experiences for individuals and employees of organizations.

The motivation

During her career, Laura realized the crises students faced could be avoided if they had tools and techniques to help manage their stress and improve their mental health.
As a result Practice Being You was founded through this commitment to feel good and live a healthy, happy life.

Laura McNaughton

  • B.A in Communication
  • M.A. in Leadership
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Road Runners Club of America Certified Distance Running Coach
With a background in education, a Master’s degree in Leadership and as a certified yoga teacher, Laura facilitated programs at colleges using stress management, mentorship, and personal development to impact students. As her career progressed, she spent more time in front of a computer instead of creating opportunities to make an impact in student’s lives. Realizing this, Laura decided to leave the field and start Practice Being You.